Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hinojosa said he will be signing his contract "real fast." Ya Think?

Hinojosa passed over for Las Vegas-area district post
By TAWNELL D. HOBBS / The Dallas Morning News


Superintendent Michael Hinojosa makes a quick announcement he will be staying after he is turned down for Las Vegas position.(Surprise!!) Talk about a cat scrambling on a linoleum floor.

Not Just Planes Collide in Midair

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

UT Campus Shooting

UT Campus Shooting
Early morning shootings at UT campus.  Reports confirm shooter killed himself.  Rumors of second suspect but no confirmation.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Delta Pilot Prevents A Disaster at JFK - Well Done!

Car Dealers, BLAH!!

After nice morning walk I headed to local Chevy Dealer for some warranty work on my transport vehicle.  What should only take maximum 30 minutes was going to be a 4 hour held hostage scenario at the dealer. I opted to bring back later and pick up in the morning.  Hate dealers and the patented reply from Service Advisors who most of the time do not squat about cars, "Can you leave it for 3-4 hours" or "We will have to put it on the computer".  Cracks me up that before all this computer crap was added a qualified mechanic could have your car up in running in an hour most of the time.  In todays world if you have an intermittent problem and it does not compute you are sh*t out of luck until your car breaks down. Glad its a warranty issue too or I would be paying $107 and hours for some person to chase a problem that does not come up on his magic box. Think I will go out to my garage and look at my "ole GTO" and thank God for simplicity.

Mechanic Humor
The Dumb Mechanic

When my husband and I arrived at an automobile dealership to pick up our car, we were told the keys had been locked in it. We went to the service department and found a mechanic working feverishly to unlock the driver's side door. As I watched from the passenger side, I instinctively tried the door handle and discovered that it was unlocked. "Hey," I announced to the technician, "It's open!"

To which he replied, "I know - I already got that side.'

Submitted by Carrie from

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Remembering the Lives of Loved Ones

Heading to KY this afternoon to attend BH 98 year old grandmother's funeral.  Her 55 year old cousin also passed on Sunday unexpectantly from a heart attack.  To make matters worse her 88 year old Uncle was just put in hospice this week and not expected to live much longer. All in all not a good time for BH side of the family. 
 Death is inevitable and part of our life cycle.  I prefer to remember the ones we lose to old age as they were prior to being admitted to the hospital or hospice and lying in a bed weak, frail and helpless.  Each year for past twenty plus year the family and I would trek to KY and OH to visit her grandmother for a birthday celebration of relatives in KY Then we would head to the OH farm that her Uncle owned and enjoy peaceful country living for a week or so.  Her grandmother who we called Ma Ma was a strong lady who lived in the house where she was born. Each morning around 6 AM she would rise and cook a big ole country breakfast for us.  When the kids were young they loved to play on the big hill that her house sat on.  What I loved was her good sense of humor and sitting around listening to her vivid childhood stories.  She will always be loved and missed.
BH's Uncle from her Dad's side was a grumpy old man to BH's family and her cousin's when they were growning up, so I here.  The first time I met him was when BH's Dad passed away in 1988. We hit it off at the start for some odd reason.  Guess he appreciated my help and knack for fixing things on the farm.  The family and I would spend a week to 10 days each year visiting his spacious plat an take in the peaceful surrounding for a relaxing vacation.  The kids loved to go for wagon rides with the mules and play with the all the barn cats and farm dog. They would also visit the county fair each year in town and had a blast. I would enjoy working on the farm tossing hay, mowing field or doing repairs around the house.  To say the least this was a peace of heaven each year.  He was a man of few words and could very well be perceived as a grumpy ole man sitting there on the lawn chair smoking his pipe each day.  I know deep down his heart was as big as the farm. He brought that out to my kids during our visits. I made it a point to stop by when in the area just to say hello and the past few visit have been hard with his failing health.  Tears were shed from the both of us as we said our good byes.  For that may have been the last time seeing him.  I will try and visit him again Saturday if he is still with us and not looking forward to saying my good byes for what most likely will be the last time. I outlook on life changed sometime after I lost my grandmother in the early nineties.  She was the first relative I lost and I now I value my time with close friends and relatives  and treat everyday as the last day I will see them in this life.  Ma Ma and Uncle Virg you will always be remembered and loved.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Add to the Hoax List

What was this girl think when she intentionally drenched acid on her face?
Woman Admits Acid Attack was Self-Inflicted

Coming Soon to Your Maaco Paint Shop

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Paint on clothing. Seems a bit off the wall and time consuming.

Football Dangers Pro and Youth

I have a good friend that played Pro Ball for 8 years on the Lions before they were horrible. He had not played football until picked from the halls of high school in 10th grade based on his size.  The team went on to win state, he then went to NC State and eventually drafted by the Lion's.  He position was offensive tackle so you would expect the usual ankle, hip and leg injuries which he received.  By the time he was 40 he had two hips surgeries and several knew operations.  The worse of his injuries were the concussions. One would not think lineman would get that many concussions but they do.  Chris is a big teddy bear and does not have an enemy in the world.  He has always a happy go lucky person  as long as I have known him.  Two years ago ESPN did a segment on him about how he went in to a state of depression and ponder suicide several times even holding a gun to his head at times.  He initially drank and kicked that but continued to be depressed. Thankfully he is better now and trying to live a normal life helping others.  He was a rarity and survived the storm.
Recently I viewed a bit on 48 Hours or something like that about youth football and how parents push the kids for success.  To suck it up and get your ass back out there for the team when they are hurting.  I have also read past article on suicide rates among ex football players such as Chris Henry jumping from moving car that resulted in his death.  Another is the suicide of Bengals player Andre Waters in 2006.  Scientist are now studying the brain tissue of at least 20 ex players and are finding a common thread that results from brain trauma.
The concern is aimed at youth football and school levels and the equipment used to protect the head and body.  More times than not it is not sufficient or not fitting properly.  My nephew was knocked completely out during one of his games at the age of 12 and he never played again out of fear.  My son's teammates in Middle and High School received life nagging injuries such as broken wrist, legs, hips and shoulder separations.  Some living with pins that had to be installed. The head injuries though are the hidden time bombs and improper diagnosis by a father playing weekend coach pushing a kid to get back in to the game is pretty scary.
Football is a violent and heavy impact sport and we must beware of the repercussions for an hour of entertainment.
Did Repeated Head Trauma Lead to Football Player Suicides?

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dash Cam Video Shows DPD Officers Beating Black Man

Another DPD related headline regarding officers and beatings.  DPD is not the only department nationwide that this type of headline is all too often published.  I am beginning to think somewhere in the police training handbook under procedures for "people that run from police" it states "when caught that all officers united and kick, punch and hit with batons the assailant prior to cuffing".  Saying that I fully support the police and the job and risk they take each and everyday but come on,  Are these beating warranted by several officers at once?

Byron Nelson Follow Up on Drug Accusation

What happens to all of those kids tearing-up when slicing onions in Home Economics class? Do they get accused of smoking dope, too?
After several days Byron Nelson school Principal Linda Parker issued an apology letter to the parent of student wrongfully accused of drug use.  To add to the matter the parents name was misspelled and no apology given directly to student. There is an underlying story that was not released regarding person who drove him to school that day and why he smelled like pot. 
School Officials Mistake Grieving Student’s Teary Eyes for Drug Abuse

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Ford Country Final Review

Finally over.  Last chapter dealt with an old topic AIDS. The story dealt with hometown boy who went away to deal with his self realization that he was gay. He went off to San Francisco and contracted AIDS.  He was returning home to die.  The town's people caught word that he had AIDS and refused to let him in to their businesses and even churches.  He lived in the black section of town with a renter of one of his parents rental properties. She accepted him with no fears until he was so weak and frail he took a pill and ended his life. The book consisted of several stories none that I found entertaining thus I would not recomend this book for a read.

Just picked up another audio for the walks J.D. Robb "Fantasy in Death.

My next Magnolia movie to see this week is "Bran Nue Dae" is a charming new Australian-based, music-driven road movie/romantic comedy starring Academy Award winner Geoffrey Rush that literally bursts onto the screen with unbridled energy and fun. Loosely based on one of Australia's most beloved and popular musicals, Bran Nue Dae is a foot stomping tour-de-force centering on the romantic adventures of a young aboriginal couple set against the spectacularly beautiful Australia.

Remembering those souls lost on this day in 2001

To all who were lost on this tragic day in New York, Pennsylvania, and Virginia You are gone but will never be forgotten.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Birthday dinner at Rockfish

SU ordered up steak and she loved it

Watauga investigating its entire Police Department

In executive session, the council and mayor discussed hiring an independent investigator to review the conduct of the department and its staff. Then the council voted 5-1, with Larry Irving Sr. in opposition, Jeffries said.

The complaint also alleges that Benjamin ordered the installation of a tiny but powerful microphone in the patrol room to monitor officers' conversations. Commanders told officers that no microphone was there, but the installer confirmed its existence and said commanders had instructed him to lie, according to the complaint.

Read more:

Cancer Hoaxes Growing in Numbers

Sad that people are faking a deadly disease to benefit themselves using the sympathy card. The latest scam artist is Jessica Vega.

Some others playing the game or scam are listed in link below.

Cancer Hoaxes: Victoria Gotti and 10 Others Who Faked It

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

"The American" Movie Review

What to do on a rainy day?  How about a movie?  Feeling down the past few weeks and trying to stay busy so with rain today I headed to Harkins and took in George Clooney's latest "American".  Let me start n the box office last weekend.  With that said I sure don't know why because to me it just dragged on never really putting any sort of story line together.  Starts off in Sweden with people trying to kill him as his lover and him walk in the snow.  He kills the two hit men and shoots his lover in the head to leave her in the snow. The rest of the movie is shot in Italy (George's other homeland) and his romance is tied to a prostitute.  Maybe it was due to the nudity in the movie that made it number one, got me.  Would not suggest this one, sorry George.

Monday, September 6, 2010

"Ford County" - John Grisham - Update review

Today's walk closed "Fish" (attorney screwing his clients, family and friends, imagine that). Also ran through the story "Casino" which was about a boring husband that was left by his wife who was wanting excitement and someone with more money.  She hooked up with a swindling casino owner only to have ex learn how to win at blackjack and comeback to bankrupt her new BF and the Indian casino. Wife returns to now rich husband with apologies flying left and right.  Dry, Dry Dry. Started another one "Mitchael's Room" about an attorney who screwed a family in a malpractice case on their now brain damage son from botched surgery.  Attorney brought in so called experts who persuaded jurors to award damages based on three year survival period for son.  Eight years later his son is still alive and Father is ticked off and kidnaps attorney to show him what its been like taking care of his son for past eight years and expenses associated with it. This is the best one yet so far.

Friday, September 3, 2010

"Ford County" not a good choice

Finished second short story "Fetching Raymond" and almost done "Fish Files".  "fetching Raymond" was a boring trip by handicapped mother and her two sons to fetch the body of third son Raymond after receiving death penalty. (Boring).The next one is "Fish Files" in which a small town attorney gets a call from a corporate lawyer and receives an unexpected liability settlement offer pertaining to some chain saw blade accidents years after it happened.  He is is planning to keep the money for himself and not speak a work to his family or friends.
I will probably finish the audio book on my morning walks but it really is not what I expected from Grisham.  His past books (not short stories) like the "Firm" while novels that had twisting plots and kept you guessing what was going to happen next. Hopefully John Grisham returns to what made him a good writer as in "The Appeal", "The Firm" and "The Associate".  Maybe if it was called "The Ford County" it would have been better.

"Cairo Time" a Must See

Wandered down to the Magnolia in Dallas for afternoon treat and was not disappointed.  The movie takes place in Cairo and starts off with the wife of a UN operative being picked up by a retired UN worker who worked with her husband.  The wife is bored awaiting her husbands arrival that keeps getting delayed and ventures out for some sights with her husband friend. The main characters Juliett Grant (Patricia Clarkson)  and Tariq Khalifa (Alexander Siddig) who is single and handsome put on a stunning and heartfelt performance. Tariq now owns a coffee shop that caters to men only that warrants a laugh when Juliette enters. The soundtrack is beautiful and the cinematography is breath taking and captured scenes on the river, at the pyramids and the culture of the middle east. The ending plays out as one would think but surprises you with a twist that is unexpected. For the person who enjoys foreign films, this is one you want to see while it is at The Landmark Magnolia.

Cairo Time at the Mag

Juliette (Patricia Clarkson, Vicky Cristina Barcelona), a fashion magazine editor in her 50s, travels to Cairo to meet her husband, Mark (Tom McCamus), a UN official working in Gaza, for a three week vacation. When he is unavoidably delayed, he sends his friend Tareq (Alexander Siddig), who had been his security officer for many years, to escort her throughout the beautiful and exotic city. The last thing anyone expects is that they will fall in love. Written and directed by Ruba Nadda, Cairo Time is a romantic drama about a brief, unexpected love affair that catches two people completely off-guard.

Missed going to this movie in Philly due to unexpected brother in law drop off at airport but now its at the Magnolia.  Heading down to try and catch the 12:45 showing prior to traffic building up.  Nice almost too cool walk this morning but it felt better than normal sauna walk. 

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Tests confirm West Nile virus in Denton mosquitoes

Health Officals have found signs of the West Nile virus in area lake.

Denton city leaders issued an alert Thursday after a sample of mosquitoes collected Aug. 18 from traps located near Unicorn Lake tested positive for West Nile virus.

“These are the first samples that have tested positive for West Nile virus in the city of Denton this year,” said Ken Banks, the city’s environmental services director, in a news release.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Dinner at One Fish Two Fish - Delicious

After budget meeting beat down that I had to get a little hot.  I stepped out for some Tilapia and veggies.  Second visit to One Fish Two Fish in "Ole Roanoke" and it was very good as in the past.  SU had Fried Catfish and coleslaw which she gave a thumbs up to.   **** 4 stars

"Ford County" Update review

    During this morning's walk I started "Ford County" which is a series of short stories. Hopefully it gets better after the first two. The first one was about three early twenty kids one unemployed heading from MS to Memphis to donate blood for their 19 year old friend who fell from a scaffolding and was in hospital ICU in Memphis. One is heavy drinker and gets in to trouble with every move. The other twowere more level headed but upon selling their blood to $50 each returned to strip joint and got in to a brawl with one getting his head split open and the other doing some jail time.  Troublemaker reappeared years later after traveling country and doing time for shop lifting,  Injured 19 year old recovered and returned to home town.  Wow, had me on the edge, that is edge of falling asleep walking.  Second story "Fetch Raymond was not any better and dealt with convict on death road and family going to visit him.  Spine chilling.  May have to toss this one if it does not get any better.

"Ford County" Initial Review

New Reader for morning walks

Partial review By Carolyn See


Ford County," his first collection of short stories, provides one more reason to ignore those naysayers. Set in a small Mississippi town not unlike the one in which Grisham started practicing law, these seven stories seem so artless that the artlessness turns into an art. They're terrifically charming, if only for this one thing: They start out at a beginning and march straight through to an end. They lack plot twists, literary surprises, authorial showing off. With one exception, they seem as real as real can be. They're written about a world that is, indeed, foreign to most of us: the fictional Southern town of Clanton, population 10,000, a place with only 51 lawyers to its name.