Monday, March 26, 2012

Teachers and Students

Okay I admit that I had a couple of crushes on some hot teachers but nothing ever came of it back in the seventies.  Todays world is something else though and one cannot read the news without coming across a student and teacher relationship.  Are they all true? Maybe or maybe not but most have been caught redhanded.  After reading about another accusation close to home I was curious and did a Google search regading this topic.  I almost fell out of my chair when the results popped up for a large number that were very recent events.  The question I have is the cause of this high number of relationships and are they just now getting reported or seen due to the internet.  Is it due to the teens growing up today looking to the teacher for more than classroom learning?  Is it the teacher becoming easily attracted to a 15-17 year old that looks more like a 24 year old in appearance?  Whatever the cause its becoming a very frightening educational system for both parties.

Side Note: Ran across the movie "Fatal Attraction" on local TV the other night.  Damn that movie scares me!

Next day read that a local 44 year old Dr. went to Iowa and confronted 22 year old ex girlfriend and her new boyfriend.  He shot and killed her and after shooting boyfriend he killed himself.  Leaves behind a wife and kids and griefing family and friends of girl he killed.

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